Rejoice always. 1 Thessalon 5:16

You have turned my mourning into dancing for me.  You have removed my sackcloth, and clothed me with gladness, To the end that my heart may sing praise to you, and not be silent.  Yahweh my God, I will give thanks to you forever!  Psalm 30:11-12

Yes, it is time to start celebrating our Christianity!  To that end I have created a new page for Holidays!  There are many ways to celebrate and throughout the year I will give you as many as I can – at least once a month you will see posts.  Some of these holidays you know already and some you might not.  You may even find out things about Christianity that you were unaware of.  For instance, did you know that when you clink your glass with a hearty “Cheers” it is an old-fashioned way of asking God to join you?  The clink is to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and to ask God to join in your cheer.  After I discovered that I cheers everything: water, sandwiches, whatever.

As a student of history, I have discovered that there were a lot of holidays that were celebrated by Christians in the early Middle Ages that are practically unknown today, and still others that are Christian Holidays that most people consider to be Pagan.  What a determent to our faith!

Christians, seriously – it is time to party!

Christians have long been known as a suffering, guilt ridden, sad people.  It is time to set things things straight!  As Christians are really the most celebratey, happiest people on the planet! Let’s show the world!

How can we be miserable?  Do we believe what we say we do?  As the song by Don Fransico says…

“He’s Alive!  And I’m forgiven!  Heaven’s Gates are Open Wide!”

Who could be miserable when they know that!  We are unconditionally loved!  Who wouldn’t be happy!  I would much rather laugh with the saints than cry with the sinners!

Let’s start celebrating!  Moreover when you celebrate ask people to join you.  This is a great way of evangelizing!  Which is a better way to spread the Good News and win hearts for God:

  • Tell people to believe or they are going to Hell?


  • Tell people Good news! We are going to Heaven!


The answer I believe is obvious.  So…



Peace be with you.

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