Love your enemies

Do we really?  Jesus told us to love our enemies, but do we?  Let me tell you a story.

Many years ago, I was teaching Sunday School (actually it was on Wednesday night – but you get my meaning).  This was the first class after 9/11, actually it was on the 12th, the kids were pretty shaken up, and so was I.  We lived in the DC area at the time and many had parents or family members that were in harms way.  So instead of my usual class we spent time talking about how we all felt about it, venting our fears and worries.  Then we prayed.  We prayed for the victims of the attacks.  We prayed for their families.  And then to conclude the prayer I said, “And Dear God please bless Osama bin Laden…” and almost every child in the class let out, (how do I put this politely?) an audible expletive in the negative.  I continued, “Dear God please bless Osama bin Laden and all who follow him, open their hearts to You so that something like this will never happen again.  We pray for these people who are our enemies as you have taught us.”  The children grudgingly accepted the prayer, although I don’t know how many of them actually prayed that part with me.

It is too easy to hate those who hate you and wish evil on those who do evil to you.  But God wants you to be greater than that.  He wants more for you, better for you.  He wants you to rise up and be the person He knows you can be.  He loves you with all your faults, and…

He loves your enemies too.  Whether they love Him back or not.

Just a little something to think about.

Peace be with you.

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