The Question of Suffering

Why is there evil and hate?  There isn’t.  God created all that is and He saw that it was good.  So He could not have created evil because be definition evil is not good.  So He didn’t create evil so evil doesn’t exist.  It is the lack of good that we are seeing.  It is like beauty.  We can say this person is more beautiful that that other person.  We don’t say the other person contains more ugly.  We say there is light and the lack of light is darkness.  It is a lack of good, not a thing called evil.

So why is there a lack of good?  Why is there suffering in the world?  God is Love and to show that Love He created all that is so that we can turn to one another and create more love.  But love is not love unless it is freely chosen.  He gave us freewill to choose.  Because what is a virtue if there is no possibility to sin?  What is heroism without the possibility of cowardice?  All the times we don’t choose good causes suffering.

No!  That is just a cop out.  God gets the credit for the good stuff but doesn’t have to take the blame for the bad? 

Okay, when you are with your friends and everyone is helping each other and having a great time, are you using your freewill to behave the way you want to?  When you are angry and say mean, hurtful things, are you using your freewill to behave the way you want to?  So why does God get the credit for the good stuff?  Because God is Love.  He made you out of Love and saw that it was Good.  What you choose to do with your free will is up to you.

But why am I suffering?  Why are so many people suffering?  It’s not all our fault!

Well, not in the way you mean.  Yes, we all have our “crosses to bear” but hear me out.  We can’t do anything about getting caught in a freezing rainstorm. It’s not our fault.  We are cold and wet and miserable.  Or maybe this is a learning moment.  Maybe what we perceive as suffering is only a learning tool.  Perhaps we are cold, wet and miserable when actually we are really only cold and wet.  It is perspective. Maybe you got caught in a freezing rainstorm so that you could write an epic poem, or invent a better raincoat or the plants in that area just needed the water, or whatever.  Learn from it!  You need to strive to see the bigger picture.  Pray for it.

But it’s all still suffering! 

Perhaps if we embrace our suffering knowing that it will turn into something good then it is no longer suffering.  I’m not saying, be a victim and wallow in self-pity.  What I am saying is it is time to cowboy up!  It is time for the Children of God to grow up!  You have to work hard to get something good. You can’t learn to walk without falling.  You can’t get your degree without studying.  You can’t get your dream job without starting from the bottom and working hard.  And you can’t become a spiritual person without praying.  Suffering is not suffering.  It is learning and doing the work.

All the suffering in the world: famines and war are only us choosing to do bad instead of good.  All the suffering in the world: earthquakes, floods, illnesses are only us not seeing the bigger picture.  All the suffering in the world: job stress, anxiety, hard work are only us doing the hard work to get to the good stuff.

Peace be with you.

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