Falling in Love with God – Mandalas

Do you need another suggestion to keep you going on your journey to Fall in Love with God?  How about creating a mandala in your Love Journal?  A mandala is a visual symbol of the balance, unity and harmony of the universe.  Some say that they are Hindu designs, however they can be seen in most religions.  Christian mandalas can be seen in the rose windows of medieval churches.

Although mandalas represent balance, unity and harmony, each individual mandala can have it’s own meaning.  You can make a mandala out of flowers for the Summer Solstice, or autumn leaves for the Autumnal Equinox.  You can make a mandala out of pictures that represent the issues you are praying about.  Each mandala means something special to the one who makes it.

How do you make a mandala?  The easiest way is to make a circle and divide it into sections like a pie.  Make one section and then copy it into the other sections, so that it is like a kaleidoscope image.   Do all the sections have to be the same?  You tell me, it’s your mandala.

Ask yourself, what do you need to make a mandala for?  Is it for a particular problem that you need to release to God?  Is it a thank you to God for everything you have received?

Think about it, then do it.  It will be fun.

Peace be with you.

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