Summer Solstice Activities

Jump the Bonfire

I know.  It’s always with me and fire!  Whether it be a huge bonfire with family and friends or a small candle for yourself, fire was always used to symbolize the light of God in the darkness of the world.  Ancient peoples always used fire even in the heat of Summer, and on Summer Solstice they are usually huge!  There were several reasons for this.  This celebration, first of all, usually starts at night, the night before, extending the day even longer!  Secondly, it is a symbol of us sending our light and love back to God, just as He sends us His Light and Love with the Son (Sun).  And thirdly, it has been a tradition and still is in many places to jump over the fire (make sure it is still small when you do this).  Some say it was done to scare away evil, and some so that you can take in the fires of life, but since you were to pray before and as you jump the fire, and since Pentecost was traditionally closer to this date, it is more likely that it started out as a symbolic way of taking in the Holy Spirit.  So if you do jump the fire, how about saying a prayer like:

Lord, please anoint me with Your Holy Spirit, Inflame my heart with the fire of Your Love.

Or if not a simple assertion, like:

You are my God who turns my darkness into light.

Or even:

Please come into me, Holy Spirit.

 Go to the Beach

It is the best place for a fire!  One, it is a thin place, not land or sea and with the fire and smoke all of God’s elements (life forces – earth, air, fire and water) are together.  Two, it reminds us of Jesus’ baptism and therefore, St. John the Baptist.  Do you actually need another reason to go to the beach?

 Make a Fairy House

A fairy house is just a small house made out of found things in nature, twigs, leaves, flowers, rocks, etc.  It is a symbol of inviting these angels to be with you.  It is especially fun for the young members, and the young at heart.  Taking a hike and gathering materials, then making the house, then setting it up, inside or out.

 Make Flower Crowns

Flower crowns can be as elaborate as lush flowers floral taped to a sturdy steel frame, or silk flower garlands wrapped around your head.  The easiest one is taking clover flowers and using their stems to tie the flowers together in a long chain and then close the loop.  No matter how you do it, it shows the many facets of summer and the growing season.

Eat Pineapple Upside-down Cake

Mmmm, Pineapple Upside-down Cake!  What a better way of celebrating the Solstice than Pineapple Upside-down Cake!  The big circles of pineapple looking like suns as if they are rising out of the cake covered in the brown sugar like the sands of the earth, with a heart shaped cherry of God’s Love right in the center – I ask you, does it get any better than that?!   A recipe for this is in the post “Summer Solstice Recipes”

Peace be with you.

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