Falling in Love with God – Altar

How is your “Falling in Love with God” coming along?  For another idea to keep you moving along your journey.  How about you make a picture of your altar?  Not necessarily the altar at church or even the altar in your house, if you have one.  If you don’t have one, you might want to think about making one.  Read my post, “Creating an Altar”.

The altar I am talking about is more like when you close your eyes and pray or meditate (listen) you feel like you are somewhere else.  Where are you?  Have you ever visually seen something?  Is it just a feeling?  Is there a smell?  A sound?  This is the altar I am talking about.  I would like you to make a picture in your Love Journal about it.

Have you ever visually seen something?  Then draw it, collage it, paint it.  It doesn’t matter if ‘you’re not an artist’ this is just for you and God, not to be hung in the Louvre.

Is it just a feeling?  Make an abstract painting of it, or glue textures that remind you of that feeling.

Is there a smell?  Do you know what that smell is?  Get that perfume or essential oil and spray your Love Journal with it.

A sound?  What would make that sound hear on earth, make a picture of it.  Is it music?  Write it down.

You see God communicates to us the way we can understand the best, so the feeling of being with God, being at your altar is different for all of us.  Think about it.  Spend some time with it and add it to your Love Journal.


Peace be with you.

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