To Clarify

I have been told that, apparently, I am confusing everyone and telling them false information.  And that Roodmas is celebrated in September not May.  Ok, to clarify, the holidays I celebrate and tell you about are on the days that they are symbolically and traditionally celebrated.  These dates are not always in keeping with the current Catholic calendar.  They are not always in keeping with the current Orthodox calendar.  Most are not even on the Protestant calendar.  Actually, they are the dates derived from the original dates, as far back as my research can take them.  For reasons of transparency and to make myself completely and utterly clear allow me will explain.

Take Roodmas that has just occurred.  It was originally, and symbolically celebrated on May the 3rd. It is the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross which was called Roodmas – Rood being the Anglo-Saxon name for Cross. It was celebrated on this date because it was the date that St. Helena found the True Cross in 326 AD in one of the first recorded archeological expeditions, and with her being Constantine’s mother this was instrumental in bringing about the ending of Christianity as an outlawed religion.  Therefore, Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.  Now, there was also another feast of the Cross.  This was called the Feast of the Exhalation of the Cross which was celebrated on September 14 in the Catholic Church, the 27 in the Orthodox Church, 13th in the Syriac Church, now the first two are on the 14th and the Syriac is still the 13th from what I have read.  This feast celebrated the finding of the Cross, the dedication of churches in Jerusalem, and excavations of Calgary.  Now in 1960 to clean things up, Pope John the 23rd combined the two holidays into one making it September 14th in an effort to get rid of duplicate feast days.  What I believe was forgotten when this logical, rational, reasonable decision was made was that the May is symbolic.  It is halfway between the March Spring Equinox and the June Summer Solstice.  This is a symbol of the rising power of the Light of the world, symbolized with the sun.  It is very symbolic in that the we are still in Easter celebrating the Resurrection and therefore the Triumph of the Cross.  By moving the date, it also hollows out all of the meaning from the Mayday celebrations around the world which happen, May 1st or May 3rd depending on area, unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere and that throws all the seasonal dates around.

Now, if we go ahead and celebrate the Feast of the Holy Rood on September 14 to be in line with everybody else, one big happy family of God is that a terrible thing?  No, it’s not. It’s a good thing.  I like symbolic reasons, and I like tradition, so I celebrate on the original date.  Celebrate both if you want!  I celebrate two Christmas’ and two Thanksgivings for the same reasons.  Christmas got shifted to the 25th of December from the Winter Solstice when we changed from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar in 1582.  Winter Solstice is symbolic Christmas and the 25th is traditional Christmas.   Two Thanksgivings, one of the Autumnal Equinox which is symbolic, traditional harvest gratitude celebration and the second is because America celebrates at the end of November and that is when everyone gets together.  Why was it moved?  Various reasons, including ends of wars, to increase the shopping season of Christmas (no joke) but it was moved more than 70 times in our country’s short history.  I kid you not, look it up dates and start counting.

My research has shown a vast movement of holiday dates because of the prevailing ideas of the different eras in which they were moved.  The reasons that I say that these holidays are on the dates I tell you about is because that is how our ancestors originally celebrated them because of the symbolism and tradition.  I want to celebrate the holiday as it was symbolically.  Dates have meaning.  I am not trying to drive a wedge between people who want one date and not another.  I am only saying there is a holiday – this is how I celebrate it.  End of.  So celebrate both if you want, pick one or neither.  I am not your God and I am not handing down commandments.  I am giving you information.  I want to help you celebrate God’s Love not start a big stink over exact dates.

This brings up another point that I have been told and want to squash right now.  “But these are Neo-Pagan holidays!” NO, they are not.   Guess what, we celebrated it back in the day and the Neo-Pagan religion only stared in the 1990s!  Don’t believe me look it up.  People can re-write history all they want but these holidays that I tell you about are not Neo-Pagan.  They are not Pagan.  They are ours.  Should we not wear crosses our symbol of Christ’s Sacrifice because Neo-Pagans are saying that the cross is a symbol of the four directions and the four seasons?  Of course not!  That would be ludicrous!  Do we have to change our ways because someone else wants to appropriate it and say that it is no longer ours?  No.  We have to remember our history.  We have to remember who we are.  We have to remember that God wants us to rejoice always.  Part of rejoicing is remembering the holidays and what they stand for.

Guys, look.  We celebrate because it is right to celebrate.  I picked the original, symbolic dates to celebrate.  You don’t like it?  Don’t do it.  Simple as that.  We all have our opinions.  I have given you mine and the reasoning behind it.

Peace be with you.

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