Roodmas Activities

Dance a Maypole or Roodpole

The maypole dance is a symbol of all that this celebration is about.  A tree with its branches removed, sometimes a large cross, or sometimes just a big pole is set up to symbolize the connection between Heaven and Earth, which is what the cross is.  Multicolored ribbons, a symbol of the gifts God sends down to us, are attached to the top and hang all the way down to the ground.  Each person takes a ribbon, symbolizing that God gives each of us a special gift.  Then they begin to dance, every other person heading a different direction so that half are going around the pole clockwise and half counter clockwise.  As they dance the ribbons get woven and braided around each other and around the pole as people move in and out around each other.  When the dance is done, the Maypole stands as a visible reminder that God not only sends us His gifts, but if we use those gifts together to help one another we can do wonders.

If you do not have a Maypole/Roodpole you can easily make one out of a tetherball pole.  Attach long ribbons (at least 12 feet) to the top and decorate as you wish.

Prayer Ribbons

There is an old Celtic tradition of leaving prayer ribbons tied to trees.  When you are out on your walk, be it your Morning Prayer or just a nature walk, think about, feel, enjoy God’s blessings.  Hold a ribbon in your hand and pray your prayer, be it giving thanks or whatever you might need, then tie the ribbon to the tree branch.  Like votive candles that are a visible sign of your prayer continuing, so too is the ribbon.  As the votive candle is a visible sign and acknowledgment of sacrifice (the candle gets burned up) so too is the ribbon as it rots and returns to dust even as your prayers ride the wind.  Yet, the ribbon is also visible sign of prayer like incense.  Whereas the incense has the smoke rise up to heaven as your prayers so rise, so too the ribbon for as it biodegrades it comes loose and the wind will carry it up and away.

Also, so you don’t feel bad, you can take them down later.  People blow out prayer candles and snuff out incense all the time – it’s merely an outward sign.

Eat Flowers

Really?  Yes!  Be it dandelion wine, candied violets on cake or throw them in a salad, this holiday is not complete without flowers!  Flowers are abundant this time of year, enjoy them!

Peace be with you.

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