I just went on one of my favorite pilgrimages to Glastonbury, England.  Let me tell you a legend….

Joseph of Arimathea had just shut Jesus’s body in the tomb.  One of the soldiers made a snide comment and Joseph slugged him.  This, of course, landed Joseph in jail.  That night as Joseph sat in jail thinking of all that had just happened, Jesus appeared to him in spirit.  He let Joseph out of his cell and escorted him back home.  Then He told Joseph not to leave his house for thirty days but prepare to leave after that and gather those that would come with him.

For the next thirty days Joseph did not leave his house but sent messengers far and wide to sell all that he had, to outfit a ship and to invite those who were willing to come with him.    Then he left Jerusalem and sailed to England, for he was friends with the King Bran the Blessed, and they both had become rich selling English tin to the Romans.

When he arrived in England he went immediately to the King.  Bran was confused because it was not the scheduled time for them to meet for the next shipment.  Joseph told Bran that there was trouble in Jerusalem and he had to leave.  He showed Bran two chests filled with treasure and he said, “This is all I that I have.  It is yours if you give me and my company a place to live, to grow our own crops, to tend our sheep, to live our lives away from the Romans.”

Bran was moved by his friend’s plight.  “Keep your money.  You shall need it for building supplies and seeds and food until the harvest.  But tell me, why are the Romans after you?”

“The Son of God, the Messiah has been born.  He sacrificed himself to forgive all of our sins.”

Bran’s Chief Druid asked, “Could this be Hesus, that we have waited for?”

“His name was Jesus.  He was crucified and buried in a tomb.  On the third day He rose again.  He is alive!  We are forgiven and heaven awaits us!  That is why the Romans persecute us.  We follow Jesus the Christ.”

Bran was speechless for a moment and then turned to his Chief Druid, “What land shall I give to him?”

The Chief Druid stepped forward, “Joseph of Arimathea, there is one god above all others, the one that is beyond all human concept, beyond all words and thoughts. Tell me do you know of this God?”

“Yes.  I too venerate this God.”

The Druid thought for a moment.  “You say you have seen Hesus.  So then tell me where is the Eye of God?”

Joseph replied, “The Eye of God watches over us all.  He is everywhere.”

The Druid smiled, “Tell me, where is the Heart of God?”

Joseph replied, “The Heart of God lies in the heart of everyone.  For what is Love but God.”

The Chief Druid turned back to King Bran and said, “Give them Glastonbury.”

Bran was shocked.  “But…” he managed.  “Why would you say this?  Glastonbury is evil.  It is a place of demons and evil spirits.  Why would you wish this man to go there?”

The Druid smiled.  “Because if he goes there, the demons will flee.  If he goes there the evil spirits will be no more.  Glastonbury will be blessed.”  He turned back to Joseph, “If he goes there, then all will know what I know.  This is a Holy Man and he speaks the truth.  In one year and a day, Joseph of Glastonbury, I will come to you.  We shall talk of many things.  I will tell you all that I know and you shall tell me all that you know.  We shall take that which is greater and keep it.  We shall take that which is lesser and cast it aside.”

And Joseph went with his people to Glastonbury.  He stopped on the top of a hill and looked over the whole of the place and he smiled.  Taking his hawthorn staff, he thrust it into the ground and it began to flower.  He said, “I shall wander no more.”

Joseph then took the Holy Grail, the Cup of Christ and put it into the waters of Glastonbury, of Avalon, blessing them.  If you would like to see these sights please watch the video below.

Peace be with you.

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