Easter Activities

Make Easter Eggs

What have eggs to do with Easter?  Tons!  Eggs have long been associated with Easter because from a stone tomb (egg shell) arises new life (the bird, birds symbolic of the spirit).  We take eggs, the unfertilized ones, and hard boil them.  Then we dye them in all the glorious colors of the spring and our happiness.  Then what do you do with them, besides eat them?

You can have an Easter egg hunt.  The eggs are hidden and the participants have to find them – like the Marys at the tomb were searching for Jesus, but only found the tomb, because He wasn’t there.

You can have an Easter egg roll.  Taking the Easter eggs you roll them down a hill to symbolize the rolling away of the stone.

Hang them on trees.  In Germany many people tie ribbons to the Easter Eggs and decorate the budding trees with them.

Miracle Eggs

Miracle eggs are like Easter eggs, except they are the hollowed out kind with a difference.  Carefully tap a largish hole in the bottom of the egg and scramble the contents with a skewer.  Pour out the contents and save for breakfast or other use.  Carefully wash out the egg shell.  Dye the eggs just as you would Easter eggs and let dry.  When completely dry fill with confetti, or glitter or Holi powder, etc. and seal the opening by gluing on a piece of tissue paper.  Then everyone can break them open, usually on someone else’s head, and the tomb (egg) is empty except for the joy (confetti, etc.) which is showered on us all.

Eat Ham

Easter ham is a traditional Easter dinner.  Some places it’s lamb because of Passover, but ham is used for Easter traditionally because in the fall when some animals are taken inside for the winter and the rest are killed so that there will be enough food until spring when hunting and gathering can supplement the diet until the next harvest, pork had to be cured.  It takes a looooong time to cure ham.  Pigs slaughtered in the winter aren’t ready to be eaten until the spring and usually it is some of the last things left around to eat.  Basically eating ham for Easter shows that we have faith that there will be something to eat later.  That God will provide.  A recipe is in the Easter Recipes post.

Eat Angel Food Cake

At our house Easter is not complete without an Angel food cake.  One angel food, obvious, with amaretto (symbolizing the Tree of Life) and strawberries (symbolizing righteousness). A recipe is in the Easter Recipes post.

Go Fly a Kite (later in the season)

On Ascension Sunday, the 43rd day of Easter, people in Guyana, South America make Easter Kites and fly them on Ascension Sunday to symbolize Jesus’ ascent into Heaven.


Peace be with you.

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