Falling in Love with God Part 4

Now that you have the lines of communications open, you have to keep them open.  Don’t play the blame game.  Blame and resentment have no place in your relationship with God.  You’re mad at God because something terrible happened?  Well, how do you know that it was God’s fault?  He gave us free will.  Moreover, what makes you think that He allowed this to happen because He doesn’t care?  God always cares, and loves us unconditionally.  The sad fact of the matter is… you are not God.  Yup, you heard me right.  Sad but true.  You are not God and therefore you can’t see the big picture.  Nobody can.  God does what is right for us, always.  So blaming Him and holding grudges against Him is not only useless, but a determent to your falling in love with Him.

Lastly, recommit yourself to your relationship with God every single day.  Don’t let a day pass without telling, showing, or feeling how much God means to you personally. Pray, give Him a gift of service, just send your Love, something, anything – every day.  If you want make a reminder, carry a token, put an object on your nightstand or desk just a little something to act as a mnemonic device to remind you that He is with you and right now, this very second, is sending you His love.

Live your life as one who loves and is loved.  Live your life as one great, sacred Love letter.


Peace be with you.

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