Spring Equinox Activities

Baby Shower for Creation

Sounds a little weird but as a Spring Equinox party you could have a baby shower.  All of Creation is coming back to life and, in essence, giving birth to the next generation in the forms of flowers to fruits and tadpoles to frogs.  As a way of acknowledging how God shows us His Love for us, let’s celebrate it.  Go as simple or as crazy as your group will allow.

 Nature Hike

Weather permitting, of course, go out and see how nature is waking up, birds are returning from the south, baby animals are being born, trees are budding.  God’s creation is primed to show you all its wonders.  Perhaps, leave offering stones of gratitude while you are at it.

 Make Offering Stones of Gratitude

You will need:

1 cup Potter’s clay powder

1 2/3 cup Compost

Mix all together and then add a little water at a time until you have a dough constancy.


Seed Bomb Matrix (easy to find on line)


1/3 cup Native wildflower seeds (whatever is native to your area)

Form your mud into balls or coins, about marble size for balls and quarter size for the coins.  Then press a few seeds into each.  Allow them to dry for 1 to 2 days, turning over as necessary.

Keep a few in a bag in your pocket and when you see a beautiful tree, or an ugly street median, leave an offering stone of gratitude to thank God for the wonderful tree or for the wonderful opportunity to be able to make the world a better place.

 Balance Yourself

At this time of equal parts day and night, neither cold nor not, it is good to reevaluate our lives.  Are we working too much and sleeping too little?  Are we eating too much and exercising too little?  Watching TV too much and talking too little?  It is time to reevaluate and rebalance our lives.

The best way of balancing yourself for Christ’s coming is to pray, re-enforce your connection with God.  Spend some time each day praying to and listening to (meditating) God.  Start simply, talk to God about your day, your hopes, your dreams, what you feel good about, what you feel guilty about – anything, everything.  Then after you pray, meditate.  Mediation is not blanking your mind.  Focus on God, not on nothing.  It is listening to God.  Praying is talking; meditation is listening.

If you feel like you need some guidance on how to do this or would like to use this time more intentionally you might wish to try the Falling in Love with God post page.

 Have Holi

Holi is a celebration for Spring Equinox in India, to celebrate the triumph of light over the darkness, of the good over the evil.  One of the main components of Holi is colored powder.  Everyone throws colored powder into the air, at each other, just everywhere.  In no time at all every person looks like a newborn spring flower!

 Make Hot Cross Buns

Most of us were raised to believe that Hot Cross Buns were an Easter thing.  They are not.  The buns symbolize several things.  One, the roundness of them denotes the ever-rotating wheel of time and the never ending, never beginning love of God.  Two, the sweetness, is the sweetness of salvation and life itself.  And third the cross, symbolizing the balance of the four seasons and Jesus’ sacrifice that joins Heaven and Earth. A recipe for Hot Cross Buns can be found in the Spring Equinox Recipes post.

 Make an Ojo

An Ojo is also known as the Eye of God.  It is a symbol that God is always looking out for you.  It is also a symbol of balance, perfect for either equinox!  Ojos can also be used instead of a St. Brigid’s cross for when you finish your Spring Cleaning, especially if you use red yarn (fire of the Holy Spirit).

You will need:

two sticks

yarn in red or different colors



Hold the sticks together in the shape of a cross and tie them.  You can glue if you like.   Start in the center and wrap the yarn around the first stick then turn it 90 degrees counter clockwise and then wrap the second stick.  Keep going, wrapping and turning until the ojo is looking the way you wish.  Tie it off and glue it so that it is secure.  Cut off the end.


Peace be with you.

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