Falling in Love with God Part 2

Secondly, and arguably most importantly, you need to spend quality time together.  Now that you know more about Him, you need to slam those doors of communication wide open.  You need to set aside time each day just for the two of you.  At first make it a specific time or you will decide to ‘do it later’ until there is no later.  Pray and meditate.  Praying is your talking part of the conversation and meditating is your listening part.  You need both because communication is not just one direction and no decent conversation is a soliloquy.  With practice you can do both at once, like an actual conversation.

Now, when you pray – really pray.  Don’t just list the people you want Him to watch over, or the things you need help with, really pray.  Pour yourself out to Him – release it all to Him, your fears and hopes, your frustrations and giggles, your sadness and your joy, your worries and your dreams, the exciting things and the boring ones – anything, everything that is in your heart.

If you find yourself stuck, or prayer seems too formal or you just can’t think of what to say while you are praying, pray in written form.  Write a love letter in your notebook or computer file.  Do not write what you should, or filled with it with formal thee’s and thou’s, but just a stream of love – start writing and just let it all spill out.  It is your safe space, a sacred space, for just you and Him.  A place where you can be your true, authentic, raw self because God knows you already.  Write Him a love letter from the heart not the head.  God loves you unconditionally, so there is nothing that you can say or do that will stop Him from loving you – That is true freedom!  Get it all out of your system because there is no one else to see it, there is nothing to prove to anyone, this is just between to two of you.  You don’t even have to just write.  For example, say you saw a wildflower today.  You could press the flower in the pages and write something like, ‘I wanted to give you this flower I found today because when I saw it, I thought of you.’  Not all offering to God are Holy Communion or service to the poor.  Or maybe you heard a song and it was like God speaking to you – include the lyrics.  Or you could think over your day/what has happened and list it.  How was God there in each event that you listed?  Tell Him how you now see Him in everything that happened!  Draw pictures.  Write a poem.  Design a new hymn that only you sing to Him.  Include tombstone rubbing for people you are praying for. Invent a recipe that you make in honor of Him.  There are thousands of ways to express yourself.  Go full tilt in your sacred love letter!  The more you put into your prayer the stronger your bond with Him will be.

Peace be with you.

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