Falling in Love with God Part 1

How do you fall in love with God?  Well, first of all you need to get to know each other.  God already knows you so you need to know Him.  The best place to start is reading the Bible.  I know, I know sounds like a cop-out and the Bible is a tough read.

Let me help you out.  Read only the following parts.  While reading ask yourself this question: Since God is Love, how does this work?  Or Since God is Love, what does this really mean?  You have to be in the right mindset.

Genesis Chapter 1 through 3

Pick a Gospel.  I prefer John, but Luke is the most complete.

Read through them, take notes.  Write your thoughts.  This will be on going so don’t expect to finish this week.  Make Bible study a section in that notebook, or computer file.  I will see you next week.


Peace be with you.


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