Falling in Love with God Introduction

I want to feel closer to God.  I want to be one with God.  I want to feel God’s love, not as a concept in church but a reality in my heart. I want to fall madly and deeply in love with God. I want to be so in love that the world dissolves away.  I want to be so transformed by it that I become a new, better person.  The kind of person that automatically does things for God, not out of obligation, not because I’m supposed to, not because I should suffer for my sins but because I want to, not as sacrifice but as a gift from my heart to God’s heart.   I want to see a wildflower and think: ‘Isn’t this a wonderful gift of beauty. Thank you, God!’  I want to see suffering and think: ‘Isn’t it wonderful that I have an opportunity to help. Thank you, God!’


How do we make the journey?  How do we fall in love with God?  We know where we are and we know where we want to be… so how do we get there? Where is the road map to this mystical union with the Divine?

I will show you.  That is my Lenten gift for you.  Look at my new page. Each week during Lent I will add a new post.  I hope you like it.  Oh, and you may want to grab a notebook or open a new file on your computer because there will be stuff for you to do.


Peace be with you.

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