The March For Life 2018

This was my first March for Life.  My husband goes every year, but I don’t.  My knees give out every winter, I also wonder if it really does anything and I just don’t like crowds, so I never get there.  Well, several things happened this year, and I decided to go.

The first thing is that I bought a pair of snowboarding pants to combat the knee/cold issues and I have a fold up cane that I took with me just in case.   Then, Thank you God!, it was one of the warmest days ever for the March!  Huzzah!  Luckily, I had my cane with me because the knees went out anyway – don’t worry I gutted it out the whole way.

The second thing is that I have changed my mind on whether it does something.  It came about because of a conversation I had recently, and I use the term conversation lightly.  Conversation to me has always been about a free exchange of ideas.  More and more, this is no longer the case.  It seems that conversations, among adults, have become like everyone has suddenly turned five years old.  People now voice their opinion and then won’t let you voice yours or result to name calling.  This is understandable for five year olds, not for adults.

The conversation that changed my mind was one that, and I don’t even know how it started, but we were talking about someone who had had a miscarriage or something like that.  The person I was talking to basically said that miscarriages were no big deal.  I said, as someone who has had one, actually it is a very big deal to feel your child dying inside you and there is nothing you can do about it.  It is a big deal.  She did the eye roll and went on to say that when she had her abortion years ago (which I never knew about) it was like having a life sucking parasite removed.  Best decision of her life!  I was stunned.  I had no idea what to say.  Then as I tried to form a coherent reply, but before I could get a whole sentence out I got the dismissive laugh and eye roll.  “Yeah, yeah, I know.  Whatever,” she said waving away whatever I was about to say.  I’ve seen this same gesture given before people call others Neanderthals, or Fascists, or whatever the current Christian slur is.  My opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s.  Just because I am a Christian does not negate every thought in my head, or every feeling in my heart.

Now, the March for Life might not change anyone’s mind, but at least I am voicing my opinion.  At least I am helping to let people know that if they believe that babies shouldn’t be murdered, they are not alone.  I can’t be shut up when I’m not talking but I am doing.

The third thing – about crowds, still don’t like crowds.  But we are all in it together – all 100,000 on the march!

By the way…

When I was there I heard some good news!  Trump has cut off funding for abortions in other countries.  There were people from other countries holding up thank you signs about it.  The house has passed legislation de-funding Planned Parenthood, passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which restricts abortions after 20 weeks and passed the Conscience Protection Act, which ensures no one is forced to perform an abortion against his or her will. Religious freedom is the first amendment, people!  And it is the first protection in our bill of rights.  And just before the March they passed the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act. It protects the life of those babies who suffer from “failed abortions”, basically it makes it a crime to murder babies who are born alive.  Finally!  So, now it is up to the Senate.  Finger’s crossed in prayer!


Peace be with you.




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