Carnevale Activities

Make a Mask

Making a mask is helpful, psychologically as well as a spiritually.  Making a mask from paper or decorating one from the store allows you to explore who you are and who is the façade that you show to the world.  While making the mask decide for yourself, is this who you are deep inside or is this the way you want others to see you?  Why do you wear it?

Now, we all want everyone to think that we are good people.  But few actually try to change to be good people.  We care about how we are perceived instead of who we are.  We want to be accepted.  We all wear the masks of who we think we need to be depending on who we are with.  God already knows who you really are and He already accepts and loves you.

God sees you as you truly are and loves you unconditionally.  He does not care who others want you to be or even worse who you want others to see you as.  He cares about the real you, the true you, the you that will someday leave this body and all the materialism and masks behind.  When that day comes, who will God see?

After using the mask through Carnevale at midnight on Mardi Gras as Carnevale turns to Lent take off the mask.  Know that you are beloved. Focus on God, not everybody else. Then you will not have to say that you are a good person, you will be it already because you want to love God back.  Perhaps you could burn your mask, or throw it in the trash, so that not only are you telling yourself psychologically that you will no longer be the mask but your true, better self but also spiritually you are letting go of the body and will live only in word and deed of Love in Lent.



We’ve already discussed King Cake and another great holiday food is Jambalaya (Jamba meaning ham, and laya meaning mess).  Why?  Not only is New Orleans birthplace of Jambalaya, and it is also the home of the biggest Mardi Gras celebrations in this country, but more importantly because we are saying goodbye to the flesh and this whole material mess we make and there is a whole lot of flesh and mess in Jambalaya.  Funny, tasty and symbolic.  The recipe is in the Carnevale Recipe post.


Have a Wake

Parties are all a part of Carnevale.  But since we are saying goodbye to the body, why not have a wake?  You can have it just as you wish it to be.  Invite family and friends.  Tell them what you always wanted to say, exactly how much you love them, sorry for anyway you wronged them, just everything.  It will be an interesting evening.

Peace be with you.

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